Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ransom Invitational

Our Second tournament of the year was finally here. With an ever improving team we were excited to get in the water again. We worked tirelessly the week before perfecting plays and planning strategies in an attempt to perform at our best. Our first game was one that I will never forget. Our team was down by 3 with just 40 seconds left. The opposing team passed the ball back as the time was winding down. I went under water hoping the goalie wouldn't see me and stole the ball from him. While I was stealing the ball one could say that I was returning favor of a kick to the face by the goalies teammate. I gave him a couple knees under water because I figured the game was just about over. Luckily for my team the goalie wasn't happy about that and started to choke me. The refs only saw his retaliation so they kicked him out for the remainder of the game. We were now down by 2 with 28 seconds left however, this time the the other team didn't have a goalie. Palmetto was able to shoot the ball as soon as they got it and score. Cyprus Bay, the opposing team was able to get the ball and drain the clock until it reached 4 seconds when a Palmetto player managed to steal the ball and call a timeout. The entire game Cyprus Bay decided to double team me and Coach Chase was going to capitalize on it for the last play. The play was to give me the ball and draw the defenders away in hopes of finding an open player. The play worked to perfection and Palmetto's number one freshman was there to save the day. We finished the game in a time which meant we were able to go on and play in a higher bracket.


  1. Our first game was a very intense one and exciting to play in.

  2. Water Polo sounds like a very intense game. Wow.