Friday, January 29, 2016

Next Week Cant Come Fast Enough!

Since my last post Palmetto Water Polo has finally officially gotten a pool. Although it wasn't Ransom its a pool just as good. Being that our coach used to coach for Gulliver he was able to pull a few strings and finally give Palmetto an opportunity to practice in the water. The last several weeks have been full of conditioning at Coral Reef Park but we can finally get into the water and prepare for our first game in just over a week. Although our toughest competition isn't for a couple months its definitely going to be a tough challenge to play Hialeah (a very rough team) for our first game with only a week of practice. Palmetto has enough talent this year to go far into the post season but now it’s a matter of getting enough practice together and developing good team chemistry. Water polo is a sport where in order to be successful you have to think what the rest of your team is thinking and the only way that can happen is if we are in the water together, learning each others playing styles and tendencies. Excited to get in the water to represent Palmetto for the first time in over a year!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Upcoming Season

My name is Carson Hunt and I've been a water polo player for 5 years. I play water polo for both Palmetto high school and a club team at Gulliver Preparatory, Miami Riptides. Palmetto hasn't had a full water polo season since 2013. Whether it was a lack of available pools or no willing coaches there has always been something that has made it impossible for me to continue my passion for my school. This year is different, with one of the best coaches I’ve ever met coming from Gulliver I am excited for the upcoming season. Although the team has had a hard time getting pool space this year the war finally seems to be coming to an end. Ransom Everglades seems to be Panther Polo's new home. Next week is when our team may be taking a big cut. People often confuse the unpopularity of water polo in America with an easy sport. Half the "team" is going to be in for a rude awakening Monday afternoon when the team gets into the water for the first time. The new kids that play just to say they are on a sport are going to soon be searching for a new one when they realize that water polo is definitely a contact sport. With that being said next week is a big one for the 2016 Palmetto Water Polo Team.