Thursday, April 7, 2016

Palmetto vs Gulliver

About a month ago palmetto played Gulliver for the first time. This rivalry has always been a strong on ebut recently got a lot of attention from other schools because the head coach of Gulliver is the mother of the head coach of Palmetto. The two went into the game with a lot of passion because they wanted to come out on top. The players themselves have known each other from club water polo so the rivalry was there, especially this year. When the whistle blew and the two teams raced for the ball in the center of the pool for the first time adrenaline was pumping through everyones body. Palmetto got the ball first which means they start the game off with the first possession. We had a game plan to focus on the their weaker, younger players. In the first quarter we did that to perfection and had the lead going in to the last quarter of the first half. We fell apart the beginning of the first quarter but after a time out we rallied and tied the game up heading into halftime. This however is where we messed up. Throughout the whole year palmetto water polo has been fighting for pool space which means we weren't getting enough time to get in to good cardiovascular shape. Gulliver on the other hand had been in the water since January. They out swam us and put themselves into good positions to score and by the end of the game someone that just saw the score would've thought that we got destroyed. Both coaches almost got red carded during the game because of all the passion they had for their teams and their desire to beat each other. Despite the loss it was a day where I got to play with some of my best friends(on both teams) and its a day I won't forget.


  1. I hope it was as friendly a game as your relationship with the Gulliver kids. Although the season ended my heart goes out to the WP team!

  2. That was an exciting game to play in and it was great to play it with you!