Friday, March 4, 2016

Panthers Win!

Finally after 3 games Palmetto took home their first win of the season. And it was a good one. Our team won 16-4 and it was definitely a game that gave our younger players some confidence going into next week. Not only did we win but the way we were allowed to move the ball around and run plays gave the team as a hole some hope to turn the season around. With another game next week Thursdays game was much needed. With such a lead were able to get some bunch players in and some of them especially the young ones showed a lot of potential in certain positions. Thursdays game was a good win for palmetto but it certainly wasn't a clean game at all. I'm very proud of our players for not retaliating when some of the Terra players were picking fights. They punched, elbowed, kneed, and held under water but the Palmetto boys let the refs take care Terra's dirty playing and focused on the game. As the season has gone along we have improved every week moving into next week the team has to remain focused and positive because Cutler Bay is going to be a tough game.