Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Game Cancelled

February 9th was supposed to be a good day for Palmetto Water Polo. The first game was supposed to be against Hialeah but an hour before the game was scheduled Hialeah High School called Palmetto to inform them the pool we were scheduled to play at was currently under construction due to an emergency pipe leak. The entire team was very upset because this was the first game Palmetto was going to play in almost 2 years. Coaches and athletic directors are working hard to reschedule the game but as an athlete it is very discouraging. The next game is supposed to be next week but after Tuesday nothing seems to be official. All I can do as the team captain is encourage the players to continue to go to practice and working as a team to be best prepared for the games ahead. Although this week was a bummer there is still a bright side. Now our team has more time to go over plays and tactics for the upcoming season. We got in the pool late this year but now we have more time to catch up to the other schools when it comes to practicing with each other as a team.